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A yellow buoy with multiple sensors floats in open sea

Offshore wind studies: Seabird 3D

Greg Chapman As part of our offshore wind “Seabird 3D” research, engineer Greg Chapman recently joined H. T. Harvey & Associates aboard HSU’s research vessel, the Coral Sea, for a trip to the...

Heat pumps are less expensive to operate, generate fewer emissions, and use less electricity to produce the same amount of hot water

Decarbonizing the grid via heat pumps

Hot water and industrial heat are foundational energy services, but with water heaters tucked in a closet or garage, and factories behind fences, the energy consumption of these applications isn’t always apparent...

A smiling woman with the caption "Clean Energy Champion: Arla Ramsey" beneath her photo.

Congratulations to a clean energy champion

Congratulations to Arla Ramsey, Vice Chair of the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, for receiving an inaugural Clean Energy Champion award from the California Energy Commission! This new award recognizes leaders from across...

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