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The Schatz Center hosts two lecture programs: the Sustainable Futures Speaker Series (SFSS) and the Schatz Research Webinars. Our team also participates in a broad range of events related to clean and renewable energy access, development, and resilience.

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Sustainable Futures

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Upper Bay Road, Arcata

Upcoming in the speaker series

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October 22 @ 4 pm
Redwood Coast telecom resilience: how broadband, internet, cellular, and emergency communications are changing, and becoming more resilient and climate-smart

This discussion between Karen Eckersley and Jana Ganion, two resiliency innovators from California’s rural north coast, will focus on solutions that are already in play — or on the near horizon — to bridge the digital divide and provide robust telecom service in rural areas. Read more about this event…

October 29 @ 5:30 pm
From decarbonization to decolonization: a framework for action on the Green New Deal:

This talk will offer a pragmatic praxis for aligning community solar campaigns with antiracist principles — linkages that can help communities of color rebuild after Covid-19. Myles Lennon is an environmental anthropologist, Dean’s Assistant Professor of Environment & Society and Anthropology at Brown University, and a former sustainable energy policy practitioner.

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Schatz Research Webinars

Two researchers sit near the stern with the shore receding in the distance

Trinidad Head from the stern of the Coral Sea

Offshore wind webinar series

This fall, our team hosted a series of five webinar workshops on the feasibility of offshore wind energy for California’s north coast. Our closing event was held on October 19, 2020.

In each webinar, we shared a set of findings from our recently conducted studies, followed by a moderated panel discussion and a community Q&A.

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  • Download related reports on our publications page.
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Recent Recordings

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Orcas in Monterey Bay – photo by Scott Terrill

Sustainable Futures

Schatz Research Webinars

California north coast offshore wind feasibility studies

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