Schatz Energy Research Center

Advisory board

Advisory board members stand outside the Schatz West Wing.

The Schatz Center’s Advisory Board is composed of a distinguished group of leading professionals with expertise in a range of fields relevant to our work. The board provides the Center’s leadership with strategic advice regarding our activities and operations. Board members have also provided financial support for student fellowships and construction of our West Wing building addition. We appreciate all of this support and the board’s dedication to our mission.

Schatz Advisory Board members (left to right): Andrea Tuttle, Rick Duke (former advisory board member), Jeff Serfass, Jack West, Christina Manansala West, David Rubin, David Katz, and Denise Helwig, and Directors Charles Chamberlin, Peter Lehman and Arne Jacobson. Not pictured: Anand Gopal, Jaimie Levin, Denise McKahn, and Quinn Nakamaya.

  • Anand Gopal, Executive Director Of Strategy And Policy, Energy Innovation
  • Denice Helwig, Chief of Staff (retired) for two Humboldt presidents; former project manager, NASA
  • David Katz, Founder of Alternative Energy Engineering, a leading renewable energy supply firm
  • Jaimie Levin, Senior Project Manager & Director of West Coast Operations, Center for Transportation and the Environment
  • Christina Manansala West, Founder of Zep Solar, a leading manufacturer of PV mounting hardware
  • Denise McKahn, Associate Professor of Engineering and Director of the Center for Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability at Smith College
  • Quinn Nakayama, Director of Integrated Grid Planning and Innovation, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • David Rubin, Director of Service Analysis, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • Jeff Serfass, President of Technology Transition Corp., Washington, D.C.; Former Executive Director of the California Hydrogen Business Council
  • Andrea Tuttle, Former director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and consultant for forest and climate policy
  • Jack West, Founder and CTO/CEO of Ojjo, Inc., manufacturer of mounting hardware for large solar installations

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