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We are currently taking active measures to help slow the spread of coronavirus infections. As part of this effort, many members of our team are working from off-site locations. If you need to reach a staff member and do not have their direct email, please contact We will be checking this account frequently. You can also leave a message on our voicemail, at 707-826-4345.

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Job opening for a project manager in microgrids and distributed energy

We are currently seeking an experienced professional to provide project management for efforts within our microgrid and distributed energy portfolio. This position is expected to start on or near February 16,
2022. Applications are due by Monday, January 10, 2022 at 4 pm (Pacific). Learn more and apply…

Decarbonizing the grid via heat pumps

Our team recently analyzed the energy use of hot water and industrial heat, and found that both systems are currently a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. In our latest report, we describe the potential for electric heat pumps to simultaneously reduce customer costs and emissions while helping to stabilize the electrical grid and avoid rolling blackouts. And, we provide policy recommendations to support the deployment of heat pumps on a national basis. Learn more…

Our projects in the news

California’s Electricity System of the Future

Think a Land War in Asia is Hard? Try Developing This Microgrid, a First Ever for California and Model for Elsewhere

PG&E Launches Community Microgrid Program

PG&E | 3/17/21
PG&E Testing Innovative DER Management System with Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid

Recent publications

Toward Carbon-Free Hot Water and Industrial Heat with Efficient and Flexible Heat Pumps (2021)

Requirements and Guidelines for Installation of Off-Grid Solar Systems for Public Facilities (2021)

Del Norte County Offshore Wind Preliminary Feasibility Assessment (2021)

C-BREC Model Framework (2021) — Learn more

Climate Impacts of Biopower Generation from Forest Residues in California (2021)

Criteria Air Pollutant Emissions of Biopower Generation from Forest Residues in California (2021)

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