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Two researchers sit near the stern with the shore receding in the distance

October on the Coral Sea

Last month, Mark Severy joined the crew of the R.V. Coral Sea for a research cruise from Humboldt Bay out past the continental shelf. The Coral Sea is Humboldt State’s marine research and teaching vessel, and...

An aerial photo of the Humboldt Bay Generating Station, across from the south peninsula of Humboldt Bay

Offshore wind feasibility study 3

The Schatz Center was recently awarded $150,000 from the CA Governor’s Office of Planning & Research to address three elements associated with offshore wind feasibility. Existing research in each of these areas is...

A dredge ship and small fishing boat in the mouth of Humboldt Bay)

Offshore wind feasibility study 2

As capital costs for offshore wind rapidly decrease and floating platform technologies come online, the northern coast of California is emerging as a promising site for the first offshore wind farm in the eastern...

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