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A child holds a solar product while standing at a store counter
Solar products in Naivasha, Kenya

Join us at the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo

Join us in Nairobi on February 18-20, for the annual Global Off-Grid Solar Forum & Expo. Five members of the Schatz Center’s off-grid team will be participating in the conference: Arne Jacobson, Nicholas Lam, Kristen Radecsky, Kim Thorpe, and Kaileigh Vincent-Welling.

On Thursday, February 20, Schatz Center Director Arne Jacobson will join Lauren Boucher, Ari Reeves, and Elisa Lai of CLASP for a session on quality assurance for modern off-grid energy. Building on the foundation laid by Lighting Global Quality Assurance, CLASP and the Schatz Center are expanding the QA program to cover a broader range of off-grid solar products. The program will also achieve a major milestone this year, with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) publishing quality standards for off-grid solar products. The session will explore program changes upcoming in 2020, and invite feedback from participants on QA product data and services.

Later that day, Schatz research scientist Nicholas Lam will join Robin Gravesteijn of the United Nations Capital Development Fund and Joyce Nkuyahaga of the Uganda Solar Energy Association for a panel on digital inclusivity for energy access in Uganda. This session will explore pay-as-you-go strategies for financing electrical access, and whether energy access in turn expands financial inclusivity.

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