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The Tulley Creek solar array on a winter afternoon
The newly installed Tulley Creek array

Yurok Tribe celebrates new solar array in Tulley Creek

On December 19, the Yurok Tribe celebrated the installation of a new, 28 kW solar photovoltaic system on the Tulley Creek Transportation Building, and announced plans to install a second, 24 kW system on the Tulley Creek Firehouse.

This first system is supported by a Solar Accelerator Fund Grant from GRID Alternatives and Wells Fargo. The second will be supported by a Cornerstone Grant from the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association.

These two systems are early project goals identified in the Tribe’s newly created Strategic Energy Action Plan, and together are a first step toward fulfilling the Tribe’s Energy Vision:

“To make sure all Tribal members living within the Yurok Ancestral Territory have access to reliable, affordable, modern, cost-effective energy services. In addition, the Tribe seeks an energy program that promotes energy self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability, use of local renewable resources, job creation, and economic opportunity for Tribal members.”

Yurok Tribe Energy Vision

About 40% of families in the Weitchpec and Pecwan districts do not have access to grid electricity, and must rely instead on generators for their electricity supply. The Yurok Strategic Energy Action Plan outlines a strategy for the creation of a tribal energy program to provide residents with clean, affordable energy. This plan was developed by the Yurok Tribe in collaboration with the Schatz Center, and supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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