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Biochar is loaded into a small crucible
Loading biochar into the thermogravimetric analyzer for proximate analysis

From the fellows: Carisse Geronimo

Hello! I am a graduate student in the Energy, Technology and Policy option of the Environmental Systems program at HSU, and the first recipient of the Donald and Andrea Tuttle Fellowship for Clean Energy Studies. Currently, I am working on a team led by Dr. Sintana Vergara on characterizing greenhouse gas emissions from stored woody biomass. My thesis will be closely related to this topic, as my primary research interests are in waste, its potential reuse for energy, and climate impacts. 

I started attending HSU in the fall of 2018, a few months after graduating from CSU Bakersfield. There, I completed the coursework for a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology. My past research work has involved various spectroscopic techniques for characterization of lysyl oxidase, an enzyme that creates connective tissue links between collagen and elastin, and plays a role in cancer cell metastasis. I am grateful for my time in biochemistry research, but I am excited to shift gears into renewable energy work. I am happy to be living in Humboldt County, where the community focus on sustainability and resource conservation is inspiring me to do my best work. 

~ Carisse Geronimo

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