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The Schatz Center hosts two lecture programs: the Sustainable Futures Speaker Series (SFSS) and the Schatz Research Webinars. Our team also participates in a broad range of events related to clean and renewable energy access, development, and resilience.

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Sustainable Futures

Bushes and small plants grow abundantly in a hill terrace

Terraces in Palestine

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November 12 @ 5:30 pm
Holy waters: colonial control of land, space, and resources in Palestine


Leena Dallasheh is an associate professor of history at Humboldt State University. She received her PhD in the joint History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program at NYU. Her areas of specialization are the social and political history of the modern Middle East and modern Palestinian and Israeli history. Her research focuses on the social and political history of Nazareth from 1940 to 1966, tracing how Palestinians who remained in Israel in 1948 negotiated their incorporation in the state, affirming their rights as citizens and their identity as Palestinian.

Dallasheh’s article Troubled Waters: Governing Water and Struggling for Citizenship in Nazareth appeared in IJMES 47 (2015). She also published articles and reviews in JPS, edited collections, and other public forums. Before her doctorate work at NYU, she received a law degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

POSTPONED to spring 2021…
Building a data backbone: using data to drive public health design for underserved communities

Reliable infrastructure is core to the functioning of most systems, including water, sanitation, and health. Nexleaf’s project work includes integrating sensor data and the Internet of Things to provide analyses for governments and other stakeholders who design, finance, maintain and scale reliable infrastructure in support of public health in low and middle income countries. In this talk, Nithya Ramanathan will share her experiences in scaling Nexleaf’s ColdTrace solution, which has been deployed in 23 countries and now protects the vaccine supply for 1 in 10 babies born on Earth. She will also explore that critical role that energy plays in public health.

Schatz Research Webinars

Two researchers sit near the stern with the shore receding in the distance

Trinidad Head from the stern of the Coral Sea

Offshore wind webinar series

This fall, our team hosted a series of five webinar workshops on the feasibility of offshore wind energy for California’s north coast. Our closing event was held on October 19, 2020.

In each webinar, we shared a set of findings from our recently conducted studies, followed by a moderated panel discussion and a community Q&A.

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Recent Recordings

Orcas swim in grey water

Orcas in Monterey Bay – photo by Scott Terrill

Sustainable Futures

Schatz Research Webinars

California north coast offshore wind feasibility studies

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