Schatz Energy Research Center


The Schatz Center is dedicated to the development of clean and renewable energy worldwide. Our current research areas include:

Off-grid energy access
Our off-grid research, solar product testing, and policy development support efforts to deliver clean and renewable energy to people without access to a stable electrical grid system.

Our microgrid design and deployment projects utilize renewable energy systems, battery storage, and advanced controls to increase site resiliency and green the grid.

Offshore wind
We are currently conducting an in-depth feasibility analysis to assess the potential for offshore wind development on the northern California coast.

Our work in bioenergy focuses on developing and evaluating site-based processes for the conversion of forest residuals into usable bioproducts and on the environmental assessment of biopower production processes.

Our efforts in clean transportation and fuel cells date back to the Center’s beginnings in 1989. We are currently engaged with zero-emission vehicle infrastructure planning and electric vehicle-microgrid integration.

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