Schatz Energy Research Center


Students light a wood flint using trapped gas

Our educational mission is to increase energy and environmental awareness, and to engage students and community members firsthand with clean and renewable energy technologies.

Our Center is affiliated with the Environmental Resources Engineering department at Humboldt State University, and also works closely with department faculty in Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Systems, Economics, and Forestry. We collaborate with local K12 teachers and program leaders, lead seminars and workshops on the California north coast, and provide training opportunities around the globe.

Students and staff in hardhats observe data from a torrefier
  • Speaker Series: the Sustainable Futures Speaker Series features visiting experts in clean energy access and technology, and in environmental studies. This lecture series is co-hosted by the Schatz Center and HSU’s Environment & Community graduate program.
  • Outreach program: We offer tours of our lab and provide workshops and presentations through our outreach program. Via hands-on activities and games, students of all ages explore clean energy strategies and discuss cutting-edge energy technologies.
  • Curriculum development: Our engineers and educators work together to design curriculum for elementary through university students. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating on new curriculum, or to discuss how existing materials can be tailored for your classroom.
  • Off-Grid Energy Access: We provide training to solar product testing labs worldwide, under the Lighting Global program.

Students explore solar circuits at the REEF festival

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