Schatz Energy Research Center


Students light a wood flint using trapped gas

Our educational objectives include: increasing student experience with renewable energy research and development, generating interdisciplinary discussions around clean energy and sustainable communities, and supporting the advancement of renewable energy solutions.

Our Center is affiliated with the Environmental Resources Engineering department at Cal Poly Humboldt, and also works closely with department faculty in Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Systems, Economics, and Forestry. We provide research training and employment for undergraduate and graduate students via a wide range of energy projects, and offer fellowships for graduate students in energy studies.

We also provide training to solar product testing labs worldwide, and work in close collaboration with energy professionals to transfer lessons learned from our solar microgrids development and other cutting edge efforts.

Students and staff in hardhats observe data from a torrefier

Together with the Environment & Community department, we host an ongoing Sustainable Futures speaker series, that supports interdisciplinary discussion of issues related to energy, the environment, and society. And, we host the Schatz Research webinar series, geared for both energy professionals and stakeholder audiences.

Current opportunities for students

  • Student research assistants: Undergraduate and graduate research assistants are engaged across all of our project areas.
  • Graduate fellowships: Four fellowships for Humboldt graduate students are coordinated through the Center – the Schatz Energy Fellowship, the Blue Lake Rancheria Fellowship for Clean Energy Studies, the Christina and Jack West Fellowship, and the Donald and Andrea Tuttle Fellowship for Clean Energy Studies.

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