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Four graduate fellowships in clean energy are associated with the Schatz Energy Research Center. Fellows are also employed for 10 hours per week during the academic year, as research assistants on Center projects.

When and how to apply

All Environmental Systems: ERE & ETaP pathway applicants who indicate an interest in energy systems are automatically considered for the three clean energy fellowships. In your graduate application essay, please discuss the line of research or project work that you propose to pursue at HSU, and how your prior studies and experience have prepared you for this pursuit.

The fellowship selection committee will consider prior academic performance, work experience, areas of interest, communication skills (especially as exhibited in the statement of purpose essay), and other factors that indicate strong potential to succeed.

  • HSU graduate program applications are due by February 1 for fall enrollment. Fellowship recipients will be notified by April 15.

Learn more about our fellowship program…

Student research assistants

A student tightens a solar module

Student research assistants (SRAs) work in a wide range of project areas — including microgrids, bioenergy, transportation, offshore wind, solar power, and off-grid energy access.

Read about our summer 2018 student research projects in smart grids, offshore wind, bioenergy, and off-grid energy access…

When and how to apply

SRA openings are posted on our jobs page, on our news blog, and on the Humboldt State University Handshake page. Summer research opportunities are usually posted in March-April. Other positions are added as needed throughout the year.


A docent sits at the Schatz outreach table

Our interdisciplinary outreach team brings renewable energy programs to the local community via classroom presentations, Schatz Center tours and workshops, and participation in community events. Docents are key members of this outreach program.

Are you interested in becoming a docent? We’re looking for volunteer team members who:

  • Are curious about energy systems and sustainability
  • Are interested in working with youth, college students, and community members, and 
  • Are committed to inclusivity in science.

Students in all majors — and from all local colleges — are invited to apply for the outreach team. Experience working with youth, familiarity with renewable energy systems, and multilingualism are all highly welcome skill sets.


Docents typically volunteer between 5-10 hours per month, depending on the event calendar. Four 1-hour team trainings will be held in the first month. Docents are also encouraged to attend a “first Friday Schatz tour” each semester, to learn about our latest project work.

When and how to apply

We invite docent applications at the start of each semester. Currently, we are accepting applications through 5 pm on Friday, February 21, 2020. To apply, please submit a cover letter describing:

  • Why are you interested in joining our outreach team?
  • Do you have experience working with youth (in or out of the classroom)?
  • Have you worked with community outreach programs before?
  • What is your interest level and familiarity with topics related to clean and renewable energy, local resilience, sustainability, or climate change?
  • And, if you are comfortable conversing in languages other than English, please note those in your cover letter.

In addition to your letter, please provide a list of any coursework, certifications, or internships you have completed in (a) education, (b) science or engineering, (c) environmental studies, or (d) sustainability. List the year and level of the course taken — e.g. “Environmental Studies seminar at HSU, 2019, upper division.” (Please do not submit grade transcripts.)

The Schatz Energy Research Center is committed to developing and supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace for all staff. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact our outreach coordinator, Maia Cheli.

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