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Multi-partner team at the site of the upcoming Redwood Coast Airport microgrid

Feb 14, 2019

We recently held our technical team kickoff for the Redwood Coast Airport Renewable Energy Microgrid… full article

Map of Central and Eastern CA, colored to show residue with 40% thinning from below

Feb 7, 2019

Kevin Fingerman presented on the California Biopower Impacts Project at the CA Bioresources Economy Summit in January… full article

A hydrogen fuel cell

Dec 13, 2018

Learn how CSU faculty and students are keeping California at the forefront of sustainable fuel… full article

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Schatz Center Tours | Mar 1, Apr 5, and May 3 from 11-noon (HSU)

Sustainable Futures Speaker Series

Headshot for Aldaron Laird

Humboldt Bay on the threshold of change: sea level rise challenges to a sustainable future — Aldaron Laird
Sustainable Futures Speaker Series
Mar 28, 5:30-7 pm in Founders Hall 118 (HSU)

Siemens Hall courtyard at HSU, at night

The environmental sustainability of energy use at HSU — panel discussion
Sustainable Futures Speaker Series
Apr 4, 5:30-7 pm in Founders Hall 118 (HSU)

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