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RNSP Headquarters to Become Sixth UNPEPP Project for SERC-RNSP Partnership

UNPEPP Interns with Ray Cozby
Redwood National and State Parks Chief of Facilities Management Ray Cozby with energy interns Jeffrey Hinton, Lucas Siegfried, and Teresa Persons. (Photo credit SERC).

With funding from the University-National Park Energy Partnership Program (UNPEPP), SERC will again partner with Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) for a summer 2008 UNPEPP project. The UNPEPP 2008 project follows and builds upon the highly successful summer 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2006 SERC-RNSP internships sponsored by UNPEPP. The UNPEPP 2008 project will consist of auditing energy use, making recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, designing a grid-connected photovoltaic system for onsite energy production, and producing an interpretive sign to inform visitors about the work taking place at RNSP’s Headquarters in Crescent City, CA. As with prior UNPEPP projects, the 2008 project will employ two student interns from Humboldt State University. SERC and RNSP will conduct day-to-day project oversight.

The RNSP Headquarters is a multi-use facility and was built in 1972. The primary use of the building is administrative office space. Additionally, there is some warehouse and maintenance space and a visitor center that is open to the public. The building has been identified by RNSP as a good target for energy efficiency and conservation upgrades.

In addition to identifying opportunities for energy conservation, the students will design a grid-connected photovoltaic system for the Park Headquarters. On-site generation of renewable energy could supplement the effort to reduce the overall electricity demand for the Headquarters, and would provide a high-visibility visual indication to the public of RNSP’s commitment to renewable energy.

SERC looks forward to another successful project that helps UNPEPP meet its mission “to link university resources with national parks to provide energy services to the parks and real-world problem-solving opportunities to university students.”

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