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North Coast Energy Alternatives Conference

PlanIt Green logoSERC is proud to be a sponsor of the North Coast Regional Energy Alternatives Conference. The conference is being put on by Plan It Green, a local non-profit organization composed of engineers, planners, builders, architects, and other professionals dedicated to green community planning and design. The conference will be an all day event on Saturday, June 23rd from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Arcata Community Center. The conference will focus on energy alternatives for Humboldt County, and will highlight the many opportunities we have for energy efficiency and renewable energy here on the North Coast. Presentations will be categorized into three concurrently running tracks: 1) large scale energy infrastructure; 2) small scale energy technologies; and 3) green buildings and energy efficiency and conservation.

The keynote speaker for the conference is Paul Fenn, author of California’s 2002 Community Choice Aggregation law (AB 117). Other featured speakers include: Timothy O’Leary from Shell WindEnergy speaking on Shell’s proposed wind project at Bear River Ridge; Greg Lamberg from Pacific Gas and Electric Company presenting on PG&E’s proposed repowering of the Humboldt Bay Power Plant and their plan to study wave power in Humboldt County; and Pat King of DG Energy discussing DG Energy’s biomass energy projects. SERC will also feature speakers at the conference, including Jim Zoellick delivering the plenary address, Michael Winkler speaking on renewable energy scenarios for Humboldt County, Peter Johnstone presenting on SERC’s hydrogen power park project, and Stephen Kullmann discussing the economics and environmental impact of refrigerator replacement.

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