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A bike is propped against a bar on a canal bridge. Boats are in the water, flowers and bushes are on the edges, and cars are parked above the canal.
Amsterdam canal (photo by Kim Thorpe)

Off-grid conferences in Amsterdam

On June 17-18, Arne Jacobson and Kim Thorpe, along with colleagues from CLASP, represented the Lighting Global Quality Assurance team at the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’s (GOGLA) annual member conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. GOGLA is a trade association with over 150 members from the off-grid solar industry. 

During the conference we met with company representatives from new and established companies to discuss current and future changes to the Lighting Global Quality Assurance program.  We also attended sessions on GOGLA’s policy advocacy work and consumer protection efforts, and new technologies being developed for pay-as-you-go providers.

On June 19, Kim and Arne attended the Efficiency for Access roundtable in Amsterdam. This meeting brought together industry leaders involved in supporting the off-grid household and productive use appliance market — with a focus on fans, televisions, refrigerators and solar water pumps. Results from Dalberg’s 2019 State of the Off-Grid Appliance Market report were presented, followed by small group meetings to identify market research gaps and next steps. (The full report will be available in July through the Efficiency for Access site.) The Efficiency for Access team also introduced a new data platform, Equip Data, that compares performance data for major off-grid appliances. During the session, Arne delivered a presentation related to our Off-Grid Refrigeration Systems (OGReS) research, which is being carried out jointly with 60 Decibels with support from the Energy Savings Trust.

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