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SERC Director Arne Jacobson Receives CSU’s Highest Honor

Arne discusses the pros and cons of solar lighting products at a focus group in Kenya.
Arne discusses the pros and cons of solar lighting products at a focus group in Kenya.
Arne, Ted Bilek, and Han-Sup Han, leaders of the $5.8M Waste to Wisdom biomass project, observe biomass harvesting in Humboldt County.
Arne and students receive their award as winners of the U.S. EPA’s People, Prosperity, and the Planet competition.

Just before winter break, California State University Chancellor Timothy White informed SERC Director Arne Jacobson that he had been chosen to receive the prestigious Wang Family Excellence Award. This award “celebrates CSU faculty and administrators who, through extraordinary commitment and dedication, have distinguished themselves by exemplary contributions and achievements in their academic disciplines and areas of assignment.” Arne received the award in the area of Natural Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, and Engineering.

Arne was honored in part for his groundbreaking work with the International Finance Corporation and World Bank to ensure the quality of off-grid lighting and solar home products as part of the Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia, and Lighting Global programs. As has been chronicled in this newsletter for years, Arne and his team have contributed to increased energy access for millions of low-income people in Africa and Asia. Laboratories around the world have adopted the testing protocols and quality assurance standards that were developed by the SERC team in collaboration with partner organizations.

Arne will receive his award during a ceremony at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach on January 27. The Board of Trustees, CSU Presidents, and other guests will attend and a celebration dinner will follow. The Wang Family Excellence Award comes with a cash prize of $20,000.

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