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SERC Docents Bring Energy to the Community

H2 demo Lolapolloza
SERC docent shows off explaining renewable energy at the Lolapolloza music tour (Photo Credit SERC)

At SERC we aim to increase energy and environmental awareness by offering first-hand experience with clean energy technologies to students and the public. Our two-year-old docent program helps us accomplish this goal. SERC docents are motivated Humboldt State University (HSU) students interested in hydrogen and renewable energy. They share a common interest in the proliferation of renewable energy power systems in today’s society and voluntarily bring their knowledge out into the community.

SERC recognized the need to institute a docent program because of the increasing number of requests we get to bring our knowledge, expertise, and excitement about energy to the community at large. Docents attend career fairs and community festivals, speak as guest lecturers in classrooms, and guide tours of SERC’s fuel cell laboratory and solar hydrogen system in Trinidad, CA. Teaching techniques include interactive lectures, hands-on activities, games, and physical demonstrations tailored to fit the age and focus of the audience. Our docents often incorporate SERC technology such as the Stack-in-a-Box® portable fuel cell system in their classroom and public demonstrations.

A Word From… Juliette Bohn
“Through the SERC education and outreach program, students who are passionate about clean energy are able to participate in shaping the future. The more our community understands the costs and benefits of our current energy economy, as well as the alternatives available today, the more informed and empowered they will become. Working as a docent has been an enjoyable way to grow my own understanding of the present issues and reach out to other curious minds with tenable solutions. Talking to people one by one may seem small-scale, but in reality it is also one of the most effective ways to bring about lasting change”.

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