Schatz Energy Research Center
A student prepares to insert a probe into a woodchip pile, while a visitor holds the temperature gauge.
Tuttle Fellow Carisse Geronimo demonstrates measuring the temperature profile of a biomass pile

Visit from the Agricultural Research Institute

On April 9, the Schatz Center hosted a session during the Agricultural Research Institute’s (ARI) 2019 Logistics Meeting. The ARI, which supports applied agricultural and natural resource research within the California State University (CSU) system, has funded several projects at the Schatz Center related to bioenergy and forestry practices.

Fifteen administrators from different CSU campuses that operate the ARI program visited the Schatz Center for a tour, demonstration, and to learn about our ARI-supported research. Director Arne Jacobson and faculty associates Sintana Vergara and Kevin Fingerman discussed their research on biochar quality and bioenergy lifecycle assessment. After their presentations, Graduate Student Research Assistant and Tuttle Fellow, Carisse Geronimo, provided a demonstration of the methods and results of her research characterizing the properties and decay rates of biomass woodchips.

Learn more about our ARI-funded research:

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Schatz Energy news