Schatz Energy Research Center
An extended hand turns the dial on an Electronic Load, which reads 0.0003V and 0.002A.
Scott Toyama shows how an electronic load is used to test the port performance of off-grid solar products.

CLASP and IFC affiliated team members visit the Schatz Center

Last week, the Lighting Global team hosted Riley Macdonald from CLASP and Honglin Hui, a consultant to the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Riley recently joined the CLASP team as Market Development Coordinator and is based in Washington, DC. Honglin recently joined the IFC team as a Lighting Global China consultant and is based in Shenzhen, China.

Riley and Honglin participated in three days of training designed to increase their understanding of the Lighting Global Quality Assurance program. The training included sessions on testing methods, standards, and policies used by the Lighting Global Quality Assurance program, as well as hands-on work in the test lab. We also met to discuss approaches for outreach to Chinese manufacturers that are reflective of Chinese business culture and represent best practices for cross-language communication.

Arne and Honglin inspect a module in the Schatz Center's off-grid solar products test lab.
Arne Jacobson and Honglin Hui inspect a solar module.
Kaileigh Vincent-Welling and Riley Macdonald work in the Schatz Center's off-grid solar products test lab.
Kaileigh Vincent-Welling demonstrates the solar charge test for Riley Macdonald.
Six people stand in a narrow, wet canyon with fern-covered walls.
Our visitors join the team for a hike in Fern Canyon.

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