Schatz Energy Research Center
SERC Building Dedication
HSU President Rollin Richmond addresses the opening day crowd.

SERC Debuts New Lab: “This Is the Future”

SERC Building Dedication
HSU President Rollin Richmond addresses the opening day crowd. (Photo credit Kellie Jo Brown)

An effort years in the making came to full fruition on the sunny, breezy morning of September 2, when the Schatz Energy Research Center opened the doors of its new laboratory to the public. Dignitaries including Congressman Mike Thompson and HSU President Rollin Richmond opened the ceremony, speaking to a cheering crowd outside the lab. “Right here you have it all,” said Congressman Thompson. “You have education, you have innovation, and you have renewable energy… This is the future.”

SERC Director Peter Lehman then stepped to the main entrance and cut a wide blue ribbon that was borne aloft by helium-filled balloons, making way for the guests to tour the lab’s interior. A video projected on the conference room screen showed a time-lapse movie of the building’s construction. Staff stationed around the lab demonstrated SERC’s projects and technological innovations, including our fuel cell test stations, energy efficient lighting assessment lab, biomass torrefier testing, mini-smart grid project in Bhutan, and of course the hydrogen-powered FCHV-adv vehicle we have been road testing for Toyota.

Local media turned out for the event, snapping photos and interviewing SERC staff. Bob Doran of the North Coast Journal put together a nice entry on the Journal’s blog that captures memorable moments from the day in text, pictures, and video:

building dedication 2
SERC Director Peter Lehman cuts the ribbon, dedicating the new lab. (Photo credit Kellie Jo Brown)
Building Dedication 3
SERC Senior Research Engineer Richard Engel explains the Hydrogen Energy in Engineering Education fuel cell test station to open house visitors. (photo credit Kellie Jo Brown)

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