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H2 Education Project Goes Public

H2E3 Instructional Video
Still from an instructional video for the H2E3 curriculum.

Our Hydrogen Energy in Engineering Education (H2E3) project continues to grow as it enters its third year. This semester we brought hydrogen-related curriculum to five engineering and environmental science courses at Humboldt State, including new activities for a probability and statistics class, an upper- division renewable energy course, and a new thermodynamics class for non-engineering students.

As we reach out to other campuses interested in using our curriculum, one message we have heard is that faculty would like extra help in learning to use the lab hardware. Given the cost of visiting distant campuses in person to provide training and support, we instead got creative and made a series of instructional videos aimed at faculty and engineering lab technicians. The videos provide an orientation and detailed guidance for new users of our benchtop fuel cell/electrolyzer kits and fuel cell test stations.

We have also been developing our project website to provide curriculum content and links to the instructional videos. Please have a look at our work in progress at and let us know what you think.

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