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Hydrogen Learning for Local Leaders

The H2E3 fuel cell/electrolyzer kits in ENGR 115
The H2E3 fuel cell/electrolyzer kits in ENGR 115 (Photo credit Kellie Jo Brown).

Part of SERC’s mission is to educate people about clean and renewable energy. To that end, SERC is working on a US Department of Energy funded project to inform local government leaders about the long-term benefits and near-term realities of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. SERC is partnered with the Technology Transition Corporation, who founded and manages the National Hydrogen Association, and the Public Technology Institute (PTI), which assists local government with technology development and implementation. To date, SERC has developed a curriculum and delivered it at PTI’s annual conference in San Diego, as well as via a webinar hosted by PTI. In the coming year we will make additional conference and webinar presentations while also developing and implementing a train-the-trainer component to the project. This will increase our effectiveness at getting the word out about hydrogen.

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