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HSU Hydrogen Fueling Station

The construction and installation phases of the hydrogen fueling station are complete

Hydrogen fueling station dedication.
SERC Director Peter Lehman cuts the ribbon as Congr. Mike Thompson, HSU President Rollin Richmond, and Project Manager Greg Chapman look on (left to right). (Photo credit Kellie Jo Brown).

. Site inspections of the hydrogen piping and electrical system were conducted by a mechanical and electrical engineer with no major issues noted. SERC engineers are now beginning start-up testing of the station. Testing will include hydrogen generator, compressor, and dispenser operational checks, gas purging and pressure testing of the piping system, and safety and instrumentation system verification and operation testing.

Quantum Technologies’s retrofit of the hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius is complete and the vehicle is scheduled for delivery in the next month. Look for information on the fueling station’s grand opening on our homepage,, or HSU’s homepage,

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