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Two Schatz engineers and an electrician converse at the BLR array
Schatz engineers Marc Marshall and Dave Carter, and BLR electrician Randy Cox

Webinar (4/26): Lessons learned & best practices from 7 EPIC-funded microgrids

This Friday (9:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific), microgrid professionals will join together to share their best practices and lessons learned from recent, cutting edge microgrid systems. Speakers represent seven projects first funded in 2015 through the California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Fund — including the Schatz Center’s design and development of the Blue Lake Rancheria low-carbon microgrid.

Dave Carter, Managing Research Engineer at the Schatz Center, will present on the fully operational Blue Lake Rancheria and the upcoming Redwood Coast Airport microgrid projects.

Announcement from the CEC:

California Energy Commission staff will conduct a workshop to report information and receive public comments on the lessons learned and best practices obtained from Electric Program Investment Fund (EPIC) grants awarded for microgrid research and development in 2015 (PON-14-301). The Energy Commission has managed seven microgrid awards since 2015 and most of the awardees completed their required activities by the end of March 2019. These microgrids are early adopters and experienced many successes and unexpected challenges during the implementation of their grants. This workshop will discuss the challenges and successes the awardees experienced over the last four years as they designed, installed, and operated their microgrids.

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