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HSU Hydrogen Fueling Station Upgrade

Humboldt State University Hydrogen Fueling Station
Humboldt State University Hydrogen Fueling Station (Photo credit Kellie Brown).

The HSU Hydrogen Fueling Station high-pressure upgrade is underway. The principal design work is complete and all major equipment has been ordered. The new high-pressure compressor should arrive at HSU any day now. HSU Plant Operations will begin work to expand the east block wall and run new electrical service to accommodate the new compressor. Once Plant Operations is finished, SERC engineers will begin plumbing the high-pressure hydrogen lines that make up the new dispensing system. Testing and commissioning of the upgrade is targeted to begin in early spring.

Once the upgrade is complete, we will be able to fill the Toyota FCHV-adv vehicle to its rated capacity of 700 bar (10,000 psi), giving it a range of over 400 miles. The vehicle, currently on loan from UC Berkeley, is a recent arrival at HSU. Our former FCHV-adv was returned at the request of Toyota. It logged over two years of service in and around Humboldt County, and was replaced with the current vehicle in mid-Fall. The “new” vehicle was built at the same time as the former, and had previously been in service in the Los Angeles area.

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