Schatz Energy Research Center

New SERC Building

SERC building under construction Spring 2010
SERC building under construction Spring 2010 (Photo credit SERC).

Though delayed in coming, the final permit for the new Schatz building has been issued. The delay caused work to slow for several weeks, but now things are humming. The rough plumbing and wiring are almost complete and once done, work can begin in earnest on finish work in the interior. Finishing off the roof and exterior will follow closely. We’re meeting next week to choose furniture for our new workspaces. It’s a thrill to tour through the construction site now as the interior framing is complete and it’s easy to see all the spaces delineated and imagine what the finished rooms will be like.

We’re still planning on a grand opening in early September though that date is now in some jeopardy because of the recent delays. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, stay apprised of building progress via a time-lapse movie at

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Schatz Energy news