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Hydrogen Fueling Station Update

Artist's rendition of hydrogen fueling station
Artist’s rendition of the station with hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius. Drawing by Matthew Marshall.

As reported in our last issue, SERC will soon receive a hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius for use at Humboldt State University (HSU). SERC engineers have recently completed design of an on-campus hydrogen fueling station to be located just a block away from SERC. Equipment is beginning to arrive and construction is scheduled to get underway shortly. The station will generate hydrogen on-site, compress it, store it, and dispense it to vehicles. Vehicle delivery and fueling station completion are both expected to take place by mid-July.

SERC’s partners on the project include HSU, Chevron Technology Ventures, the California Hydrogen Highway Network, the California Department of Transportation, and the North Coast Air Quality Management District. While the costs of the vehicle and fueling station hardware have been met, SERC continues to seek additional partners to help fund the project’s design and installation costs.

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